PeerBox Mobile

PeerBox Mobile S60 Beta 0.96

Instantly search and download music, ringtones, videos and pictures from P2P

PeerBox is a peer-to-peer file sharing application for mobile devices. PeerBox allows searching for video, pictures and music files in open P2P networks, downloading the files onto the phone and sharing the files with other users.

PeerBox also allows downloading premium content from Nareos servers. PeerBox is integrated with 3rd party Robust Audio Hashing(fingerprinting) technology to recognize copyrighted content and collect payments for it.

The Identify feature allows you to hold the phone to any source of music anywhere, anytime, and have the music recognised for you. For example, you are at a noisy bar, and you suddely hear that song that you heard before and really love but have no idea about who is singing and what the song name is.

Grab your phone, open PeerBox, push the Identify icon and then Record. Hold the phone to the music for 15 seconds, and then select Identify from the menu.

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PeerBox Mobile


PeerBox Mobile S60 Beta 0.96

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  • Vincent

    by Vincent

    "What took so long?"

    This application is long overdue. I have wanted to search P2P networks, from my mobile phone, for ages. Now I can...a...   More.